Wednesday, May 04, 2005

catch up

Tuesday 3rd may

Today was very relaxed. had a great nights sleep and woke up about 10am. tried toi get shower working but it s a bit dodgy to say the least. played a game of pitch and putt and only beat tanya by 5 shots. Tanya notes that she must beat me next time. On the way to the dam cruise, we finally saw these monkeys everyone was talking about. cute little things luckily. The cruise itself was very calm and serene as it is a stagnant lake but it got a bit smelly.some of the houses that were set in the hills were fab. Also saw some zebra on the way. had an intro meeting this eve with free food and wine. got to meet some interesting people. We met a couple who were really nice and offered to take us wine tasting on thurs,. Had an early night tonight and against tanya's protest i watched Liv v chelsea.....come on liverpool........

Wednesday 4th May

Today we spent most of our day with a couple called Morina and Glenn. They are just like having our uncle and auntie over to look after you. They took us to see some of these amazing houses that can only be described as Hollywood. Yet 100 yards down the road, there is a township, who are squatting on land, with their corigated iron houses. Such a contrast.

We then went over the dam to do a bit of shopping. we bough enough meat/fruit/veg etc to feed the 5000. And it only came to 16 pounds. The couple we went with spent 5 pounds on a thing they call a texas steak, and I'm not kidding, it can only compare to a dustbin lid on size!!! We also had our 1st taste of Biltong today and we have acquire the taste for it.

We were very fortinuate to see some wild animals roaming the street, we saw an elephant, buffalo, hyena's, springbok, rhino, cheeta's and giraffe...... we had our pics taken with them and everything...... of course, they werent real, they were just plastic casts, buit they were very realistic.. Tanya;s sister fell for the picture we sent her.....

We had a Braai (BBQ) in the eve, which we cooked up all the meat we bought except the Texas steak as it wouldnever fit on the grill. We now have enough leftovers to last us til the end of the month....... Gonna have to get rid f some clothes to fit in in the backpack.


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