Friday, May 06, 2005

to and 'fro

Today was all about travelling. Met a semi-racist taxi driver who had some interesting opinions on the current situation in South Africa (blacks getting all the jobs etc). The flight to botswana was on a tiny plane, that only had propellers and not a jet engine. Could also see the wheels when you hit the runway...... The seats and stewards were so much better than Virgin. The heat in Gaborone (Gabs) is totally different than South Africa (S.A.) Much more hotter and humid. Check into Cresta Lodge and then realised that the exchange rate isnt what I thought. May look for cheaper lodgings as its about 70 pounds a night at the mo. Met up with Adam (Bezza) and he took us to the Bull and Bush, where I had a famous fillet steak. So nice and tender.

Met some of the Barclays guys that Bezza has been working with. Had a few castle beers and a bit of a boogie with Tanya and then Adam took us back to the hotel. There was some function going on that went on welll into the night. We declined to join in and hit the sack instead....boxed city.....


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