Friday, November 04, 2005

hydro golf


after checking out of the hostel, we decided to hang around for a bit and wait for an evening coach. in the heat of the sun, we walked about 2km to a place called Hydro Golf, where they have a 27 hole mini golf course and a driving range which has targets placed in a small lake.

we played the mini golf 1st and can you believe after 27 holes, me and tanya drew! must be fate.

we then had a go at hitting the targets in the water. this was quite amusing. after a few dodgy shots, we both managed to get the balls up in the air and aimed near the targets. the clubs were only pitch wedges, so the distance wasnt that great...more to do with accuracy. it was impossible to hit the targets, as the holes were no bigger than a cricket ball.

after lunch, we walked back and stopped off at a pet shop, where we saw some very cute puppies and kittens. also saw a walking fish. back at the hostel, i taught tanya the basics of chess and gave her a couple of games. she's not bad...

for dinner, we headed back into town where we had some scrumptuos fish and chips.

the coach picked us up about 6.30pm and we got to newcastle about 10.30pm. the YHA here is a massive old building which was once a gentlemans club. its all very old looking and has a massive lounge area which used to be a ball room. looks very much like on old country hotel in the english country side!


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