Monday, October 31, 2005

surfs up at byron


decided to have a go and practice what i had learnt at surfers paradise. went to the "local beach" (tallow beach) which actually took 30 mins though a national park. didnt want to embarras myself at the main beach in front of everyone!

when we got there, the whole beach was desserted, which wasnt a good sign. so i decided to wait and see if anyone else would turn up for a surf. after an hour or so, a guy showed up and then showed off. undeterred by this, I grabbed my board and entered the water.

if you imagine bambi learning to surf, then that was a picture of me. I was so useless, I gave up after about 10 mins. It didnt help that it was low tide, plus the board was different to what I trained on. hey, at least i gave it a go.

in the eve, we decided to splash out and eat at one of the nice resturants in town. we went to one called balcony, which is cozy, shilled and they have big couches to sit on. we saw valdmar and christina there as well, who were kind enough to buy us a drink as the left.

tanya had the veal and i had chicken. the nice thing about the evening was the bill came to $80, but for some reason, they only charged $50 to my card, so after a sharp exit, we headed for another bar. we then headed homewards, with a full stomach of beer and food, and $30 better off........


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