Friday, October 21, 2005

let it rain!


picked up the 4wd and it must have been the shoddiest car in town. went through the breifing and then set off in the pouring rain.

when we got to the island, we went to central station, where they have loads of info and some rainforest walks. me and pete decided to opt out on the walk, and it was a good choice as the rain kept coming hard - as if someone was constantly chucking a bucket of water over you!

we then went to a place called lake wabbie. again, the rain took the edge off the view but it was still quite amazing. there were sand dunes backing right onto the crystal clear lake.

it was my turn to drive at this point. it was very nerve wrecking as it felt so unpredictable and you have 10 other people to consider. it was still raining pretty hard so no danger of getting stuck in soft sand. a bit slippy though!

we passed a TV crew who wanted is to go back round so they could record us.

we then drove into the beach where we saw a ship wreck and ellie creek. at base camp, we set up the tents as the rain had stopped for a bit. had a bbq and drank our booze. saw some interesting snakes, spiders and thunder/lightening. - I'm never camping again.


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