Saturday, October 15, 2005

whitehaven beach


got up at stupid o'clock to set off to our 1st destination - white haven beach. didnt realise there was a 5 o'clock in the morning.

saw some sea turtles making love on the way. when we got there, we walked through the rainforest to check out the look out. here you could get pics that you see on the postcards.

on the way up, we were constantly attacked by flies the size of bumble bees. it was worth the effort though as the views were stunning. the sun wasnt out but it didnt spoil the scene.

after the look out we headed down to the white sandy beach. on the way we saw a goana (a big lizard). the beach itself was beautiful. it was almost like it had been snowing.

you could walk right out into the sea, as there were banks of sand to walk across. also saw lots of fish and some stingrays. the water temp was perfect, even at 9am.

after a couple of hours, we left whitehaven and went snorkelling. we all had stinger suites, and looked very fetching. this snorkelling was better than cairns as there seemed to be more variety.

after lunch, we headed to another snorkelling place, which was better again. its hard to explain what some of these corals look like, but it could have easily been an alien planet. think i may have to give diving a go, maybe in Fiji.

had a steak dinner and finished off the rest of the booze, the sunset was perfect as well.


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