Sunday, October 09, 2005



we checked out of mission beach and caught the greyhound to Townsville. bit of a nightmare, as the mango juice leaked into the food bag and all over my small rucksac. then the milk leaked in the other plastic bag. had to throw a load of food away coz it got all sticky.

the trip up itself was ok. stopped of at a place called Cardwell, and ate some lunch at the exact same place as rach and alex the day before.

when we arrived in townsville, there was noone to pick us up, so we had to get the local bus with all our bags and food.... then we had to walk to the hostel from the bus stop...alll because they dont do a pickup service on a sunday!

when we finally got to the hostel, I jumped stright into the roof top pool to cool down.

we met up with rach and alex and went to a local bar (molly malones) for a nioce cheap meal and a few beers. not very busy as it was a sunday, so we went back to the hostel to watch tv and play ping pong!


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