Sunday, September 11, 2005

rattley eyes


G'day all.
well, its been a thoroughly interesting week. i have said goodbye to my parents, hello/goodbye to mark and hello to my mate nick (AKA Rattley eyes) & and his girlfriend.

mark kipped down with us for a couple of nights, to help his budget... managed to watch a bit of cricket with him, and he was definitely thrilled to be sat in front of a TV for once.

he left on the thurs morn, and in the afternoon, we took in 2 strangers we picked up from the airport. It was fantastic seeing nick again after 4 months....but nothing changes. he's already fallen over in the shower! he couldnt wait to get out and have a beer. so, we all decided to go our for a quiet drink on a thurs night. nick was ok after his flight but annette was flagging a bit. to the point where her eyes were watering as bad as someone crying!! so her and tanya went off home, and me and nick continued. needless to say that he didnt turn up back at ours til 6am, after I was chucked out of a club at 4am. he got lost and couldnt find his way home! good job i took the friday off work.....

we went to the Home and Away beach on the friday (Palm Beach - pic attached), and it was weird being there, as i watched so many episodes growing up as a kid. it was quite windy though, and practically deserted. got a few pics of the surf club etc.

sat, we took in the sights of sydney (again - sigh....). took nick 2 mins after seeing the majestic opera house and dominating harbour bridge, to ask when we were having another beer. oh well, maybe he'll look back and appreciate the pics he took!

sat night was a bog night out, be we ended up going home early, in by 3am.......

today we been to manly, and took in some rays..

he's off to cairns monday to begin his travels, as are me and tanya in less than 3 weeks......yay.

getting updates from my mum and dad. they been to fraser island, whit sundays, etc etc. they're loving it. they will actually be in cairns the same time as my mate nick- how weird. think they're gonna meet up.

so not having anymore visitors now, me and tanya can start saving some money again....expensive lark this hosting stuff.

be seeing you
Aaron & tanya


Anonymous ali said...

Aaron! It's ali from Koh Samet...long story on how i found your journal...glad to read your stories and hope all is well with you and tanya. you can email me at

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Anonymous Anonymous said... webpage is

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