Friday, July 01, 2005

in sydney


Hey guys.
we are now in sydney, not quite settled yet, but making ourselves
familiar with everything.
Tanya has sorted out a job, and she starts on monday.....yey...
as for me, nothing yet, not as easy as people make it out to be.
Even 4 years in a corporate bank counts for nothing....or maybe coz it
was barclays...
May have to get a job as a cold caller in telesales....
anyway, we have found a really nice apartment to rent. Of course,
Tanya will be paying for this... for now. Its 5 mins from central
junction (trains), so any of you that are visiting sydney, feel free
to drop me a mail to come and stay (good rates too).
Well, it has pretty much been raining in sydney since we arrived.
Typical, they havent had rain for months as well. we're not just
talking showers, this is big fat rain, for hours on end.
Things here are expensive too. Going through our Odraft like a crazy person.
On the good side, we saw two whales the other day whilst we were on
coogee beach. How amazing was that. They were just fliging their
tales out of the water.
The hostel we are in is right on the beach, which is nice, but havent
been on the beach yet. All full of young drunk people too.....Am I
getting old?

Not much else to tell. hopefully I'll get a job soon. if you know
anyone that can help me, then feel free to pass on any contact
Catch ya laters


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