Tuesday, June 21, 2005



Had a bit of a lie in at last, so headed towards one of the many shopping malls. Had my eye on a DVD camcorder. We met up with a few others and went to the petroas towers.

Its 88 floors tall, but we only went up to the walkway on the 41st. Needless to say that there were some impressive views. There were some cool gadgets to play with as well... did you know it took them just 4 days to complete 1 floor, with 2000 people working at any one time.....yawn.

Went back to plaza and purchased a dvd camcorder. cost about 330 pounds for one of the latest sony models. also got bag and a few dvd's thrown in. The camcorder alone was 430 in the uk.

Went to pizza hut for dinner. getting fed up with noodles and rice.

Afterwards, went on the monorail with tanya and norman, then went home for an earlyish night.

I must say, I have been very impressed with KL, and would totally recommend coming here if you get a chance.


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