Tuesday, June 14, 2005

sick day


Rolled out of bed at 2pm, for a bacon roll and a pineapple juice. Tanya was hungover big style (worst hangover EVER!). She was sick and dehydrated all day. She wanted to go see a doc, but we never made it in the end. not sure they can treat hangovers!

I sat on the beach all afternoon and listened to some chill out music on my ipod. only moving to cool myself in the sea..... this is how a hangover should be treated, but I honestly think I was still drunk.

In the eve, went to a nice chill out ba. somehow managed to consume more beer.

Went into the water at night and you can see all glowy things when you move around. then bumped into some random bloke who had lost his clothes, his mates, and didnt even know where he was staying. beach hammock for him tonight. Rounded the evening off brilliantly..


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