Monday, June 13, 2005

completely drunk


Spent most of the day on the beach. got burnt big time on my back yesterday, so i worked on my front (work, what does that mean?).. it was so hot, but cooling off in the sea was a real pleasure.

Went to Haad rin in the eve. Took 45 mins in a 4x4 truck over dusty roads, through a jungle and up & down hills that should only been done by abseil.....

This really was a party town. They had 100's of chairs on the beach and stalls with bucket cocktails. Managed to sink quite a few buckets of vodkka and redbull with tanya. Played some drinking games too. there were guys coming round with snakes, lizards, eagles for picture opportunities. Didnt have my camera, but one of the group will give me some pics.

Dont really remember much after the drinking games, but apparantly after the beach, we went to a bar/club for a boogie til about 3am. Tanya was sick on the way back and I held the sick bag for i was told.

she went back to the hut, so I decided it would be a good idea to drink more, and hit the jungle bar with a few others. Had a bit of a boogie, and then hit the beach at sun rise. didnt make it to bed til about 6am. only memory of the night exists on other people's cameras.......


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