Thursday, June 09, 2005

sky train


Went for another wanfer today. we walked for an hour to get to the sky train. this was very modern and efficient, unlike the rest of bangkok.

got some thai silks for us and tans mum. went to huge shopping centre (MBK) which had about 6 floors with massive floor space. Could only manage the bottom floor. had a nice KFC.

Met up with the rest of the group and were told a little about the trip we're taking.. Got talking to a mad irish guy called Tony (Berryl) and a german called norman (Merryl). Apparently, norman has been to Locks Heath in southampton.....

we all dined at a riverside resturant which was actually quite pleasent. Then went down to Khao San road for the last time and went to good old shamrocks again (with more money this time)., Then hit a small blues bar called adhere which was very tranquil.

The group seems like there is a good mix, and thank god me and tan arent the oldest on the trip....


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