Monday, June 06, 2005



The day was perfect. Not a cloud in sight. and the tide had pushed right out which exposed more beach.

Made it up at 1pm after catching up with some sleep. Had a massage too. bl00dy good. only cost about one pound for half an hour.

In the eve, we had some food and then met up with twins again & the dutchman. It was a bit of a mad one i can tell you. The bars have promo's where if you order a cocktail, you flip a coin, and if you guess it correctly, you get it for free!!! Only managed to get it once. Also met up with an american girl called jess.

we all had a boogie and plenty of drink flowing. Just as things were about to wind down, we were "dragged" to another party, where there must have been the rest of the people from the island. Everyone got on so well. The itallians got some canadians, so me and tan hung with the american (jess) and the dutchman.

Didnt get to bed til 4.30am, as me and tan went skinny dipping on the way home...... ;)


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