Thursday, May 26, 2005

cape point


We went to one of the most southern points in africa today. Lovely place, but ther weather was a bit drab.

We didnt walk up to one of the highest points, as there was a sign saying that it takes 1.5 hours..... so we got a funicular thing up there.

Again, the views were stunning. This is the point where the atlantic and indian oceans meet..... unfotinuately, we didnt see any whales.....

The trip down from this point only took 8 mins.....

On the way to the car, we got some sandwiches, with the last bit of money we had. We didnt eat breakfast either. As I opened the door for tanya, a baboon came from no where, and jumped ontop of the car, Then it launched itself at tanya, and swiped the sandwiches from her...... I was facing the other way at this point and didnt see a thing.

The smug monkey ran off with our only food, and left tanya in a bit of shock. She is ok now though, and we can have a laugh about it........

We drove back to cape town, via scarborough and some other places. Finally got back to cape town and had something to eat from our apartment......ravenous


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