Monday, May 16, 2005

lokuthula lodge


Wow. we are sat in opur own lodge, which is absolutely luxourious. we are overlooking the zambeza national park, on the top of a hill, and can see as far as the horizon. At sunset, we went up to the bar where it overlooks a water hole, and there were herds of buffalo, deer and a giraffe. the giraffe was quite amazing as it had to practacally squat down to get a drink....

Also went to the croc park today, where they had 1000's of nile crocodiles, all of different shapes and sizes. Held a small one (about 5 months old.) At this park, they also had a leopard. It was in captivity but it was beautiful. Not very sociable though. And there were some lions too. We walked on this tiny concrete bridge which went over their enclosure and watched them while they were being fed. They were growling with delight I think.

Also saw the corcs being fed as well. This was amazing. the noise they make when they snap their jaws shut is awesome. Its like a real hollow sound, like a sledge hammer hitting a tree. Then the snap of their teeth when they met as well.......sends a shiver down your spine.

For dinner I had baby croc tail for starters ...yummy. it was quite nice, and dont laugh, but it actually tastes like chicken. we sat overlooking the national park in the dark, and the noises of the animals created a great ambience. Also had some african singers singing for us whilst we ate.


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