Sunday, May 08, 2005

hot hot hot

Up at 8:30 for brekkie, and then hit the sun beds at 9:30. We were the only people out at that time in the morning. The locals must think we are crazy. I almost felt German. Had a dip in the freezing pool, which literally takes your breath away.

In the Eve, went to a local african tavern. Had a bloke playing music, everything from Neil Diamond to Queen. Not traditional, I know, but he was very good. Then a couple of white south africans walked in, and they asked to dance with tanya. I think they were shocked that they saw a white girl in there. Then they starting "joking" around with the locals about aphartite and stuff like that. It was all jokey jokey until we got outside. Then the locals turned nasty. Me, Tanya and adam distanced ourselves from it all but it was quite intimmidating. I think they ended up having their wallets nicked, but they probably deserved it for being so rude.

We ended up at the casino agina, where Tanya turned 100 pula (local currency) into 350 pula on the slots. I'm definatley sticking with this one!!!

Then we met some crazy guy in a green blazer who nicked a load of straws and tobasco sauce?!?!?!?!?!? We were taking the mickey out of him, as he had a voice like louis armstrong, and he looked like sammy davis junior. We did set off at the beginning of the night not to have any alcohol, but ended up drinking a whole lot. It must be the African air. Havent been sobre now, since at least just before I left work a few months ago. Sorry poor liver...........


Blogger Aaron Davis said...

miss u mate im going 2 need a mate on sun:-(

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