Saturday, May 07, 2005

Crusty lodge

Woke up this morning and thought "what on earth are we going to do now." The "Crusty" lodge (Cresta lodge), isnt very good for tourists, plus we didnt have a car to travel around in. For the price you pay, its a massive rip off.

Bezza suggested we stay the same place he's staying. Its a 5 star hotel, but they have a low cost section of the hotel, but you can use all their facililites. We took him up on his offer and packed our bags. This new place (metcourt inn) is incredible.

Over half the price of the crusty lodge and they have a casino, 2 pools, sauna, gym, cinema, hair salon, 5 restaurants, etc etc..... cant get the smile off our faces. The metcourt is only a few months old, so everything is brand new unlike crusty lodge.

watched quite a bit of footy as well. saints scraped a 2-2 draw in injury time, but need a miracle to stay up.

Had a great meal, Calamari (squid) to start and duck breast for main. All thanks to Adam.... This travelling lark is great.

David Motsomi and Pako turned up (used to work with them last time I was here) and it was great to catch up.

After dinner, we went to the Casino where tanya doubled our money on the slot machines - jammie.

The weather is still fab, so gonna sunbathe all day tomorrow.


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