Wednesday, May 11, 2005

lions, tigers and bears

11th May

Today we went on a game drive. This was Tanyas 1st experience of seeing wild animals so close up. There were elephants, cheetahs, hippos, ostrich, impala, antelopes, giraffes etc. It was pretty incredible, yet so cheap.

We had our own guide, and he told us all the stories and info about the animals and plants. It made you feel really important.

Our guide broke the rules for us, and went off the main track to drive right up close to a giraffe. So cool. Tanya's breath was taken away!!!

You cant really compare it to a zoo, but if you get a chance, you have to go on a safari.

Looking to do another game drive when we head up north, as I am hopong to see some lions and a hippo close up.

We are both loving our time here, and not yet missing home!!


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