Friday, May 13, 2005

trains, planes and automobiles.......

12-13 May 2005

Not alot happend on the 12th. We check out of our hotel to embark, and what can now be seen as a mammoth trek up north.

We set off from Gaborone at 9pm (only just made it) on the overnight train to Francistown. Now, when I drove this journey before, it took me 4 hours. But this train journey is going to take 8-9 hours......

It looked at first that me and tanya were going to be separated in 2nd class, but the train guard sorted us out and gave us our own compartment to ourselves.

The compartment was a bit scummy, and there we cockroaches walking around as well. But hey ho, soldier on.....

The journey was very bumpy, and every time it left a station, the train would toot its horn, meaning that no-one was going to get any sleep.

We arrived in Francistown at about 5.30am and it was still pitch black. We ambled over tio the bus station. After about an hour or so, a tiny mini bus turned up, and there was a massive scramble to get a seat. We didnt make it..... so, we waited a total of 3 hours until the next mini bus arrived. we made sure we got on this one.

Yet, as it was only half full, we had to wait until all the seats were taken. We waited for about 2 hours in the seering heat before everyone was on board. It was crammed in big time. Bags, and people everywhere. So after 5 hours at the bus station, we set off.

The total journey took 6 hours. Boy, were we minging when we stepped off.

Despite the length of time it took, we only spent 20 pounds each to travel 565 miles across the country.....amazing. You cant do that in many places i can tell you. Mind you, we are flying back on the return journey, as there is no way we can face that bus journey again.....

Kasane is a tiny farmers vililage. One road in and one road out. Dust and chickens everywhere. We are right on the boarder of Chobe national park, so we are going to take in a cruise or game drive whilst we are here.


Anonymous DAD said...

Helo Aaron&Tanya,
I hope when you read this that everything is going fine for you both.Justa mesage to say try not to get separated wile traveling,Me and mum have got are tickets sorted,SORREY to hear about the saints all is o.k this end . love mum & dad.

8:40 pm  

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