Tuesday, May 17, 2005

No money.......


We woke up this morning with no money, no food and no hope. No-ne here will take travellers cheques and swap them for US dollars. You can only get local currency at a ridiculous rate. We werent going to be ripped off, so we ventured back into town and went to the backpakers lodge we stayed at earlier in the week. They sorted us out with some money to get us through the next few days, as they took out TC's. So we went shopping and bought a bit of food. the chioce here is so limited. but when in rome.........

Then we went to the falls. This place is stunning. The force and might just cant be described. Not sure where all the water comes from, but to give you some idea, around 10,000 litres of water drop per second........Some really good scenes (see pics). The spray comes up from the bottom (about 70-100 metres down) and drenches you. You can also see this spray for miles round. It was just like an english downpour.

We walked along the falls and went to go over the bridge but we didnt have our passports. one one side you have the zimbabwe border control, and the other side you have the zambia border control.

Watched the sunset from the bar again. we are now offical "sundowners"......


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