Tuesday, May 24, 2005

table mountain


We went on one of those tour buses today which took you round cape town.

Saw some of the main town, castles, museams etc. The highlight of the tour was to get to go up table mountain. The cable car only takes 3 minutes to get up there, and its about 1800 meters up.......

Once you're up there, 1stly its freezing, and also so very flat. Just like going for a walk in the new forest....

There were some magnificent views as you can imaging, and some interesting animals as well. There is a thing called a Dassie, which is really cute, until it looks directly at you, and then it looks menacing.

The tour bus also took us to some of the beaches. WOW.. Clifton and Camps bay are totally amazing. So picturesque and empty - winter time here. But I could have sun bathed no problem...


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