Monday, May 23, 2005

Batman and robben island


Today we visited the island where Nelson Mandela was help captive for around 18 years as a political prisoner.

The ferry over was a little rocky, as we battled against the atlantic waves....

once there, we had an excellent guide, who took us through the history etc.. of the island. It wasnt only an island for prisoners, but for people with leprocy too.

We went inside the prision and saw some areas where prisoners were held and "tortured". our guide around the prison was an actual prisoner from the eighties, who was held there as a political prisoner. Just because he believed in a cause.

We also saw the actual cell of nelson mandela. This was a sad sight, as the cell was so tiny. Stone floor and no glass in the windows. Although he was one of the "lucky" ones, as he had this cell to himself. the other prisoners had to share a cell with 3 people in it......

It was certainly an eye opener, and the ex-prisoner guide i felt was brave to come back and show people what went on there.


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