Sunday, June 05, 2005

Koh samet


Got up at 5.30 this morn in order to get the coach to koh samet. Still drunk from last night, we took our bags to another hotel, and took little rucksacks to the island.

The journey took about 4 hours & 1 hour on the boat. had to wait for an hour before the boat left as it was being fixed as we waited..... Caught our 1st downpour as well. got drenched within 2 mins, and then dried off very quickly.

We met 2 italian twin brothers, who are living in germany. These two are crazy. Wandered to the end of the beach, where we checked into our beachside bungalow. a bit basic, but fanstic location.

The beach itself is gorgeous. It was a bit cloudy today but still very hot. Went straight into the water and it was like stepping into a warm bath. We stayed in there for ages, and only got out coz we got wrinkly.

In the evening, we went to dine with the twins, and 2 american girls, one of which was chinese and they both live in Japan..... why cant people just live at home????

Went to a karoke bar and made complete fools of ourselves. Had a great night and got very drunk.....


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