Friday, June 03, 2005

thai - 1st thoughts


Well, we have arrived in thailand, and this place is as busy as it gets. Also, a very distinct smell about the place, best to keep the nose shut.

our hotel is quite nice. Its a 5 min walk to the popular Khao San Rd. This road is absolutley buzzing with people, traders, stalls, pets, rats....etc. etc. since I started travelling, I have never seen so many english people.

Our hotel has swimming pool, 2 resturants, 24 hr coffee shop, massage, snooker, travel shop, goes on. We are only here for a couple of days, and then we move on.

We have had a walk around. the traffic is something else. there are alot of people on mopeds, and I can see why.

also been in a tuk-tuk. the prices for these things vary widely. one time we paid 60 bhat (less than a pound) to travel for about 20 mins to the other side of town. and to get back, it was double....? and I had to negotiate that....

the food here is quite nice, but when you wander round, and see the backs of these places, you would most definatley think twice.....

all in all, its not a bad place. safer than a lot of places in africa, but the most you could stay here is probably a couple of days...


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