Tuesday, June 07, 2005

more booze


After another hard nights drinking, we managed to wake about 12:30. Met up with Jess and the dutchman. Also hooked up with nick and jess's friend ali.

The weather was cloudy again, but everyone still managed to get burnt. Tanya had a pedicure, which took about 30 mins, and paid about 75p. I also turned metro-sexual and purchased a sarong..... no comments please.

We went to dine at this resturant, where you sit on mats, and relax by the beach. It was all going well, until they bought the wrong meal out for tanya 3 times.. aparantly, its difficult for the thai people to distinguish the word pork and prawn. they pronounce it "puk" - or mo in thai.. for those of you coming here, take note!

Hooked up with our friends again, and had buckets of cocktails for free. These are whiskey and redbull buckets, and we managed to get 4 free. also had 3 free cocktails from guessing the coin.

The canadian (Nick), realised that he got the dates of his flight home wrong, and should have been on the plane, instead of sipping cocktails.... sounds like something another nick I know would do (hey rattley!)

Didnt hardly pay for any drinks, but called it a night at about 1am. early to rise tomorrow to get back to smelly bangkok.

I loved koh samet, but aparantley koh samui and koh pangnan are better, so I'm really looking forward to going there


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pictures of sarong please

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