Wednesday, June 08, 2005

back to hell


Had the journey back to bangkok today,. a few hiccups at the port but we finally made it. Checked into new hotel, which is pleasant. Met 2 grils called chlow and sophie who are on our tour to singapore.

Had a nice meal and smoothies, then went to meet ali and jess but they didnt show up.... :( Medt up with chloe and sophie again instead. Went to an irish bar called shamrocks, where they have live music. As I wasnt drinking, i wanted a water, but they would let us have any water unless we oredered some alcohol. Me being the guy I am, I took the hit for the team and ordered a beer!!Turns ourt he brings the biggest one out, and we didnt even have enough money to pay for it!

Bought some clothes today. Von dutch and diesel t-shirt plus a fake thai football shirt for about 6 pounds.


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