Friday, June 10, 2005

another night train


sat on the night train at the mo, which knocks the spots off the botswana train. Proper beds, aircon and sinks. even a buffet cart.

Went to river kwai today and saw where the prisoners were held during the construction. went on a train journey which had some excellent scenery of thailand. very green, and lots of coconut trees.

went into a cave, where they had this massive gold budda. must be the biggest budda in a cave in thailand!

also went to the cemetry, which was quite overwhelming, seeing 1000's of graves. most of the people that died were about 25.

Tanya bought more stuff when we had a wander round. budget, what budget.

Ate from one of the street carts this eve. hope stomach holds out, as only squatty potty's on the night train.....


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