Thursday, June 16, 2005



Again, we travelled for most of the day, to a place called georgetown in penang. Staying in a hotel called mingood, but it aint so bad despite the name.

Went for a walk and went to a place called Komtar tower.Went to maccy D's 1st for some food. spent the next hour trying to find the entrance for the tower, which is 67 floors high.

Once we found it, we had a panoramic view of penang, which was spectacular. there is also a resturant there but we didnt bother eating.

In the eve, we went to a cafe style curry house, which had all sorts of interesting and disgusting things. I stuck to lamb and chicken (I hope) and it went down quite well. dont think curried squid, fish, king prawns are my cup of tea.
Our hotel has a rooftop bar, so we had a few beers and played some pool. The mixture of rules that went rouind was very confusing. I did manage to win 4 games in a row (for those who know how I play pool, that is quite amazing for me).

Got beaten by a girl in the end, but she was very good...... no seriously.


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