Sunday, June 19, 2005

its a bugs life


woke up early this morning to see some of the highlands. went to the tea plantations first. miles and miles of tea bushes on hills and in valleys. a real sight to see.

we then proceeded to the highest paved point in malaysia. fantastic views but it was a tad cloudy.

me and irish tony had a stick fighting contest to establish ourselves on the macho man table for the group. I won....!!

then we went for a mini jungle trek. saw some interesting trees......

then it was the tea factory, where all the magic happends. not very interesting but the authentic malaysian tea was refreshing.

Next stop was the butterfly farm. These things were huge (refer to pics). We were also allowed to release some into the farm, which had been captured from the wild. there were some mighty bugs there too, including spiders, centipieds, massive beetles, stick/leaf insects, scorpions and so on..... touched a few of them, but not the spiders...

in the afternoon, we chilled and watch hitch hikers guide dvd. went for a crummy meal in the eve, and had an early night. next stop, bright lights of kuala lumpur.


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