Friday, June 17, 2005



Today we did the touristy bit. Penang is quite historic in terms of british and japanese/chinese colonies, so we visited many different historical sights.

One place, was called a clan house, where the chinese would go if they didnt have any familes. They would all have the same surname (khoo) and for each one of them, there is a named plaque. We decided to make up our own clan names : Tanya - Khoo Tan Coo. Me - Khoo Ron Dav and for chloe - Khoo Cho woo and sophie was kho que so butt... you had to be there really.

Saw an old british fort too.

Had one of the best meals so far in asia this eve. Salmon capers to start, then rib eye steak, followed by chocolate cake and ice cream....not so authentic but it was damn nice.

Going onto the cameron highlands tomorrow. its only meant to be about 20 degrees there...... freezing.


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