Monday, June 20, 2005

kuala lumpur


Travelled to kuala lumpur today, luxury style. we had VIP coaches, which had reclining seats and everything.

When we arrived, it was awesome. back to civilisation. The buildings are massive, and all unique.

Checked into carogan hotel, and then headed towards a fairground. The thing is, this fairground was indoors, and has asia's biggest indoor roller coaster. There were a few other big rides there too. Had a lot of fun for just 3 pounds.

Also had maccy d's....

The group headed towards the KL tower, one of the worlds highest towers. We watched the sun go down, and saw the city lights turned on. Also had a great view of the petronas towers.

Then we had a great chinese meal in china town, and then a look round the night market. I got a cool pair of roy bens (ray bans) sunnies, and tanya bought a lovely chinese style dress.

Norman the german, managed to get us lost in the evening, as we were wandering the streets of kuala lumpur. So i decided to jump in a taxi, and meet the rest of the group. Not much happening on a monday night, and the beer is very expensive here. almost 3 pounds a pint.

went to a quiet irish bar, and an open air bar. tony got mad with a bar lady for charging double the price for a glass of wine. not going back there again.


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