Wednesday, June 22, 2005



Today we went to a waterpark on the way to melaka. Just 10 mins outside KL, our mini bus broke down. I had to stop the traffic across 6 lanes so that the other guys could push the van off the road. Very scarey.

The water park was OK, but 4 of the slides were closed and there was not one drop of sun the while day. The 2 kamakazi slides were fun though, and tanya was quite revealing on one of them....

On the way to melaka, I thought it would be appropriate to moon the other minibus at some traffic lights, but didnt realise there was a muslim family within sight... hope i didnt offend.

Melaka is quite small and the hotel we are in is quite nice. the best so far. There is a jacuzzi on the roof, which is outdoors. may check that out tomorrow.

We ate by the riverside for dinner, where we were witness to 2 monitors (lizard type things), mating in the river.

Had a few drinks in the bar and took some interesting pics.

Had a little party in our room, with sophie, chloe, norman and alan joining me and tan. Irish Tony would have joined us but he was being constantly sik through food poisoning. Poor chap.


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