Sunday, June 26, 2005

sentosa island


Today is our last full day in singapore.

First stop on the tourist route was the bungee rocket. I went on one in Ibiza, so I managed to convince some of the others to join me. Oh my god, it takes your breath away. u are supposed to feel force 5 g-force, and travel up at 200kmph..... Remind me to show you the cd when I catch up with you. Tanya didnt risk it, but she is still keen to parachute jump.

Then we headed to sentosa island. this is just off singapore, and has 100's of things to do, like under water world. botanical gdns, beaches, zoo's etc etc. you could spend the whole day here. Wasnt overly impressed with the beach, as it was very man made, and the water was slightly murky... you could do better at bournemouth.

We decided to head back into the main city, and went camera shopping for tanya's friend. these guys are a nightmare. they wont sell you a camera on its own,. you have to get something with it before they will sell it to you. (mem card or bag etc). Also, you have to know how much you want to pay, as none of them compete against each other. yet there are 100's of shops selling the same thing.

It was definately an experience.

Looking foward to getting to oz tomorrow. Booked a hostel already, at a place called coogee beach (next to bondai beach).


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