Saturday, June 25, 2005

shopping and safari's


We checked out of our nice hotel, and moved to a not so nice but cheap hostel, as the tour officially ended here. We felt so alone when we were walking around singapore, with no-one to tell us where to go and what time to meet.

We ended up getting together with some of the guys anyway for some dinner.

We went down a road called orchid road, where, oh my god, there is plaza after plaza of shopping. gadgets, clothes, food. and this day, the whole of singapore must have been down this street. Its where the "rich" locals come to shop as well, as all the designer shops are here too.

We met up with the guys for a romantic dinner down by the riverside at boat quay. Ate some ostrich, which was delicious. The fish down here can be picked from tanks as you walk in. lot of crab and lobsters too.

A few of us decided to go to the night safari, which is meant to be the 1st one of its kind. AFter a incident packed journey there, we arrived 2 mins before last entry.

We hopped onto a tram thing, and were guided round the park. Note, there are no fences or anything, so you reach out and touch the animals. We saw lots of deer, birds, and more scarily, an asian tiger, lions, elephant and rhinos. Just yards from the tram we were on. It was very intimidating. It was worth the hassle getting there though.

Didnt end up getting back to hostel til 1.30am....


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