Thursday, June 23, 2005

award ceremony


Did the tourist bit again today, after a deserved lie in.

Saw a 15th Century war ship, and even got to go inside. not great fun but had to be done. Looked around a shopping centre, and went to a few museams. Went to a beauty museam, where they show you pics of human mutilation (lips discs, piercings etc.) quite gruesome.

The heat was too much, so we headed back to the jacuzzi, and chilled out for a while before dinner.

There was a BBQ for dinner, and I had some norweigan salmon. all you can eat salad bar and desserts. Yummy.

We also had an "awards" ceremony, where people had to vote in different categories for the tour group. I picked up 2 awards, one embarrassing and the other quite cool.. I got the all round nice guy award, which was nice. But I also got the most girlie award..... I was the only bloke nominated for this, and beat off competition from 3 other girls including Tanya.........

Tanya won the best girl award, which was nice..... tony and norman got voted best couple.....aaahhhhhh.

That eve, went a bit mad. It was ladies night, therefore all girls get free cocktails all night. We got Nick dressed up as a girl in an attempt to get him free drinks, and the trick worked.... he got plenty of attention also.....

Cant remember a lot after that, but got pretty drunk, as our tour leader (Rob) was feeding me long island iced teas. Plus I pretty much necked a bottle of Vodka which i sneaked in.........


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