Friday, June 24, 2005

new asia bar


After getting to bed at 3am, I awoke at 7am to get the bus to singapore. I was definatley still drunk til at least 2pm that afternoon.

Singapore is a sleek and modern city, similar to KL but cleaner. Its bigger than I thought it would be with some impressive buildings. Also, very hot and humid here, so prepare to sweat....

After checking into a funky hotel, I grabbed some sleep. The eve, we headed to Raffles hotel, for the infamous sungapore sling, where the drink was invented. The prices were astronomical. 2.50 for a small water, and each cocktail cost 6 pounds each. but the nuts were free. the weird thing was, you could throw the shells of the nuts on the floor. They all get trampled on and kicked about, yet you are in this really really posh bar. dates back to the colonial times I think.

Headed to an irish bar afterwards for some scran (food).

Then, my mate richard baylis told me about this funky bar on the 71st floor of one of the hotels. Fueled with curiosity, norman and I ventured to find this place. We arrived there, and paid 8 pounds to get in, but you got your 1st drink free.....

There is a bar on the 1st floor, but everyone heads upstairs. After seconds in the lift, we arrived to a real treat. the place was amazing. we headed straight for the window, where we could see the whole of singapore at night. sent a shiver down the spine.

The music was average, as the dj kept alternating between dance, hip hop and cheese every 2 hours, and playing the same songs.

I wont even mention the price of the drinks, but a log island iced tea was 8 pounds a throw......

Despite the music, it was still a really good night out, and definatley the place to be seen on a friday night

Norman pulled a local girl, so I headed off home, thinking about remortgaging the house to pay for the night out.


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