Tuesday, July 05, 2005

bubble wrap


Oh what a day. Just spent most of it bubble wrapping pc monitors.....
for 7 pound an hours, half of which I will lose in tax.....
although, just had a call about some support work. $28 an hour !!
things are looking up
Not alot to tell. Tanya completed her 1st shift as a nurse here.
havent spoken to her yet, but I think it went well.
Been watching neighbours as well. Paul robinson has lost one of his
legs in some sort of accident. and he had an affair with david's wife
(harold's son's wife).
Now that we have some jobs sorted, we will probably have a good look
round sydney, and maybe hit bondai beach or something. dont get paid
for 2 weeks, so have to be cheap.,
Anyway, more bubble wrapping tomorrow. nearly 40 monitors to wrap, so
should take most of the day 'sigh'
Love aaron


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