Saturday, August 06, 2005



hey everyone. just another weekly update for you.

its been another busy week at work for both of us. saving thosepennies to continue our travels.

we went to one of tanya's new friends for a meal on Friday night. An irish gal - michelle and aussie guy john. there were plenty of potatoes to eat, I kid you not. a favourite of michelle's (no surprise).....we then went on a bit of a pub crawl, til the wee hours of the morning. didnt get home til about 4am. the great thing about syndey, is that you could still be wandering round at 2am looking for another place to drink, and most places are still open, and still let you in.Perfect for alchies.....

as a result of Friday night, Saturday was a bit of a write-off. we did manage to find a shop that imports food from england that you cant buy in asutrailia. Like proper cadbury's chocolate, twiglets, fairly washing up liquid, Fuse bars (didnt even know they still sold them in the uk...... Lilt, shreddies and much more. we bought a big bar ofchocolate, some fruitella, and some mayonaise....their's just isnt the same.

Sunday was a bit more productive, as we went on a 4.5 mile walk between bondi and coogee beach. its a bit of a legendry walk apparently, and you get to see some of the nicest views and beaches on the way. took about 1.5 hrs. I'm sure Nick and Annette will love to do this when they come out.........

only a couple more weeks til my mum and dad come out, which is quite exciting. we're gonna head up to the gold coat with them for a few days as well.

Saw that saints scraped a draw at the weekend. as it was an evening kick off, i would have had to wait til 2am to watch them. But as they are now in an amature league, they dont show these games on TV in Oz,so i wont be able to see them til i get back then, we'llbe back where we belong with the big boys!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the british summer back home. another harsh winter's week here where tempatures hit 23 degrees......oh the agony.catch ya later


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