Sunday, July 31, 2005



me again,well, I have had quite a nice week. We met up with a few of the guysfrom the thailand tour, and went out for a few drinks on weds eve. itwas good to have a gossip and catch up on whats been happening.

on thurs, we met up again and went out for my birthday for a fewdrinks. We went down to kings cross, and went to a pub calledo'mally's where there was a live jazz band playing.. there were thesecrazy groupies with them, who were dancing kinda funny.

then, me and tanya went out last night for a posh meal at a mexican salsa resturant and club. I had chicken in a spicey chocolate sauce.... it was yummy. then we went to the club part, where they were playing latin salsa music all night, which was pretty cool.

we also went to manly beach on saturday, after we went shopping for my, we have been down darling harbour, where there is an international boat show at the moment. very busy down there, full of rich people as well.

temps hitting 23 degress.... gotta hate these "cold" winter days.....Hope all is well,


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