Saturday, July 23, 2005

bondai surfin


Hi y'all.
well, i've finally done it. after all this time, i have surfed in
bondai......when i say surf, there was no board.....well a keyboard..
ok. ok. i only meant surf the web at a place in bondai, but its close
Some of you know that I got the job at the law firm, so things are
looking good on the money front. life is back to normal though,
working to pay the bills, and save enough money to continue our travel
around oz.
Last week, we took some pics of operah house, and bridge etc. tanya
also met up with her friend hannah, and they did a few touristy
I also went down to the opera house one lunch time, and I saw the
bridal party of leyton hewitt.. he's marrying a girl from home and
away, so saw some of the cast as they were heading to the wedding.
didnt see leyton, as his limo was darked out.
Went for a wander round bondai beach today in the middle of
winter....20 degrees, clear blue skies. so went for a bit of a
sunbathe.... love it.
Been here a few weeks now, nad a bit dissapointed that i havent heard
much ozzy slang....still havent heard the following sayings;

flamin gala
snags on the barbie

have heard sticky beak, and ripper......cant think of any others.
home and away and neighbours are misrepresenting these well educated
and well spoken sydneysiders. maybe when we head further north, it
may change.
as for home and away, it was jess who killed chloe, by accident. and
coz its neighbours 20th year, loads of characters are coming back. the
1st to appear was analiese. will keep you posted.
hope all you guys are doing well. and congrats to julian and kelly on
the birth of their child, Louie.
See ya'll later


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