Sunday, September 04, 2005

kangaroo v camel


Hey people. been a couple of weeks since my last update, but have been doing loads!

I met up with my mate mark from Barclays. he was in sydney for a few days, so i pointed him in the right direction for the opera house and harbour bridge. also went out for a few drinks and met up with Vikki as well. Mark and I also comemorated his visit with the official handing over of teh FOS ball ceremony. There were a few dignaturies there to witness the momentus occasion....well tanya was there!

soon after he left, we picked up my parents from the airport, and boy did they look weary! poor guys, didnt get much sleep on the way over, but then who does? It was so good seeing them again, but it didnt feel like I hadnt seen them for nearly 4 months.

they had a few hours kip, and then it was down to the old opera house and harbour bridge. dont think they really took it in that they were across the other side of the world....

that eve, we had an all you can eat buffet for about 24 pounds, at the sydney tower revolving resturant. we overlooked the whole of sydney at night and it was spectacular to say the least. if there's one thing you should do in sydney, its that... i was a little eccentric and tried kangaroo again, and also camel....yes camel... the problem was, after i ate the camel, it kinda gave me the hump.....HA HA HA. It wasnt the best meat in the world, but at least i had a go!! So thats croc, kangaroo and camel i have tried since leaving home.

the next day (sunday), we went to manly and visited the oceanarium. had some cool sharks there. showed them round the beach and the craft market.

on monday, we went to the blue mountains, which was delightful (thinking of alterative words to good).... a bit nippy, but the sun was out for us and gave us some awesome views. went on the worlds steepest train ride, down to one of the at to hold on really tight as there were no seatbelts.

tuesday, we just did a few more local sights, like darling harbour, bondi and the botanical gdns. can you believe that the closed the opera house down for some business conference. you couldnt get within 200 yards of the place......

on weds, we flew up to the gold coast to get a little sun. we had a place booked up in a resort on a golf course. it was lush. heated pool, jaccuzzi spa in the bathroom etc etc.... and a view of the hills from our balcony.

we visited surfers paradise on thurs and byron bay on friday. the beaches were gorgeous at both places, and really cant wait to start travelling again and spend longer in these places. byron bay was really nice and was sooo laid back. not many people rate surfers paradise, but i thought it was pleasant, and will make the most of it when we visit again.

we flew back on saturday, when we said goodbye to my parents.. they are heading up the coast now, and actually be in cairns the same time as my mate nick (rattley). how weird.

Me and tanya had such a great time with our parents, and we did our best to get them accustomed to life here in OZ. I think they will enjoy the rest of their trip..also, gave my dad a new nickname. we call him winston now (as in churchill - the nodding dog) as he kept falling asleep in random funny.....(see attached pic)

for us, its back to work, on monday, but only for a few weeks..... looking forward to seeing nick on thursday, and he will be here over the weekend. gonna drink beer, talk footy and learn to surf when he gets here!!

hope you liked the pics I sent.

will update you again soon,

Aaron & tan


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