Monday, October 03, 2005

road trip 1


We picked up our little mazda and headed up north of Cairns. 1st port of call was a place called yorkies knob. took a few pictures of the sign post, had a giggle and then headed off to port douglas.

we had some lunch by st. mary's and then looked around. took some nice pics by the peninsula. Port douglas has some nice shops and bars etc. has a real local feel to it.

we had a bit of a sunbathe on 4 mile beach. the water was perfect, almost like in Thailand. we checked into our hostel and had some dinner. we hit a few bars in town, one of which was really nice but cost $28 for 1 round.

Definately worth paying a visit here for a one-nighter...


Blogger Vikki said...

hi guys,
If you're still in Cairns, try and do the Uncle Brians day tour, it's fantastic fun and you see some beautiful waterfalls (the one where they filmed the Timotei advert). If not try and do a sky dive in Mission beach, it's supposed to be one of the best places to do it as you land on the beach (not that I did it!)
anyway, have fun, sorry I didn't see you before you left, was very poorly :-(

5:30 am  

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