Saturday, October 01, 2005

travel tale - part II


Today we commenced our travels again. met up with Mike and sophia last night for a few beers. so quite hungover today. had loads to sort out, tie up the lose ends etc. saw the parade for the sydney swans.

filing a dodgy tax claim so we can get some of that 30% tax we paid!! spent 3 hours cleaning the flat before checking out, and the 1st thing that the letting agent said was how untidy the place looked.....bloody cheek.....

the flight to cairns was ok. there was one hell of a surprise waiting for tanya at the airport! she couldnt believe that her sister was waiting there for her! me and rach had been planning it for about a month. there were tears and hugs everywhere. managed to capture most of it on camera.

after the shock had set in, we went for a few beers and caught up the last 5 months. Cairns is a lot differet to sydney (duh), its almost like a ghost town in comparision. its also very hot here, shorts and t-shirts at midnight!


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