Monday, October 10, 2005

chillin in townsville


Had an adequate lie in this morning. rach and alex are heading down to airlie so it was fairwell and bon voyage to them, as we wont be catching them back up. Me and tanya headed up the strand, which is pretty much a man made beach with cafe's, water parks, swimming pools and shops all the way up.

the temp was soaring today which put ius off going up castle hill. the views are meant to be stunning, but it wasnt worth "dying" for!

we stopped a few time along the strand for a sun bathe and a swim in the sea. stinger nets are put up to stope the jelly fish catching you. its the time of the year for them.

we got all the way up to kissing point and had a snog and then some lunch. on the way back, we checked out flanders mall. not much there, reminded me of boscombe highstreet, but without the druggies and weirdo's...


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