Friday, October 14, 2005



bought a very expensive breakfast today. $36. that blew a hole in the budget.
it was the 1st day of our cruise today, so we stocked up on red bear and carling and headed for the boat. we were on one called dream catcher, which only sleeps 14 plus 2 crew. there was a similar sized boat next to us that slept 30.

our captain was an american, but despite that, he knew his stuff. and the skipper corey was ex-navy crazy NZ'er who had a scooby laugh. the rest of the passengers all got on well, so we picked a great group.

we sailed for about 4 hours where we moored and stayed for the night,it was quite blowy, and the boat kept going round in cirles. the weather was great and the surrounds were perfect.

we had a meal prepared for us and had a few beers to see out the evening!


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