Wednesday, October 12, 2005

magnetic island


Early to rise today for a trip to magnetic island. caught the ferry over and hopped on the local bus to horseshoe bay. saw a mark duell look a like on the ferry which was quite spooky.

nice part of the island with some cafe's and shops all over looking the beach.

spent a couple of hours sunbathing and dipped into the warm sea. again, it was so warm, you kust didnt want to come out. had a spot of lunch and then decided to go for a little walk.

well, as it turned out, it was more of a hike. headed towards balding bay, but you have to go over the hills to get to it. the whole time (about 30 mins), tanya moaned. in the end she gave up and headed back. this didnt deter me!

it was worth the effort. there were some topless babes, and the small bay was very secluded. the beach was nicer than at horseshoe bay.

after walking back and gloating to tanya, we headed home. i got a txt to say that dawn gave birth to a baby boy in 2 hours weighing about 7lbs. (IN TWO HOURS!) and she was also expecting a girl as well. the pressure is on now, as my mum is hoping for a baby granddaugher.


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