Sunday, October 16, 2005

sail away


another silly wake up time, and we set off for another snorkel. not so good this time as the water was murky and the coral was further down. just about to give up and go back on board when one of the group spotted a turtle. so we headed off to find it.

it was so cool swimming with it, they glide so gracefully through the water. everyone cheered when it came up to the surface and caught some air. this made the dive very special, and one i wont forget,

we then headed back to airlie, where our cruise would end. caught some rays on the way back and took in the crystal clear waters and rainforest covered islands.

I cant put it into words how magnificant the last 2 days were. being on this boat made it totally enjoyable and perfectly relaxing. the crew and passengers were all top notch. shame we cant do it all again...or could we!

in the evening, most of us met up for some free beer and drinking games at beaches,. Corey and james (irish) were pretty bladdard and were stumblilng all over the place.

all in all a perfect ending to a great couple of days!


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