Sunday, October 23, 2005

huge spider


up at 5am AGAIN! and woke up to my worst nightmare! A huge spider was sitting on top of the tent, luckily on the outside. it was the biggest spider I had ever seen and that includes TV. If you put your fingers together to make an "o" shape, then you are close!

once it was chased away by some of the more manly members of our group, we headed to the 1st of 3 lakes. here we had brekky. the lake was quite murky due to the tea tree leaves that stain the water. we also heard a dingo howling in the distance which was quite eeriee.

the 2nd lake was the best of the lot and was pure paradise. pure white sands leading to crystal clear waters. There were so many clear colours it was unreal. we spent a couple of hours just sunbathing and splashing around in the lake cooling off.

we then hit lake mackenzie, which was pretty similar to the previous one, but was very packed. we didnt spend much time here.

from mackenzie, we headed back home and dropped off the 4wd. we checked back into beaches and had a good, long deserving hot shower.

we all met up in the eve again for a few drinks, but it had been a long day, so it was early to bed!


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