Wednesday, October 26, 2005



We caught the train to australia zoo today. the weather had been awful the night before, with a massive thunderstorm. after camping in fraser, i feared the worst.

in fact the weather held out for us. when we arrived, we watched the otters being fed. they make a right racket.

after seeing other animals, we did what tanya came to austrailia for - to cuddle a koala. we had pur pic taken too, and it was very cute. i think tanya appreciated it more than i did, but then she got to hold it and i didnt :(

we then saw the shows, in their "crocoseum". this is a 5000 seater stadium. there was a snake show, bird show, tiger show and then the crocs. it was amzing to see the tigers, but the rest seemed a little too scripted. plus, the man, steve irwin wasnt there, so there were no surprises.

we then had another wander round and decided to head off around 2.00pm. overall, i thought that the zoo in sydney was better, as there was more to do and more variety. but when in brisbane, you have to do the zoo!

the evening was karoke night, and the chance to finish off our bar tab. didnt get up and sing, but pretty much all of our hostel were out, so it was good to chat and meet the other people properly over a few drinks.

we really liked the homestead backpacker hostel, so if you're ever in brisbane, its worth staying at for sure.


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